Konstantin Wladigeroff

Konstantin Wladigeroff was born on 17.08.1978 in Sofia, Bulgaria. He has the music in his blood. His grandfather is the famous Bulgarian composer Pancho Wladigeroff. His fahter, Alexander Wladigeroff, continues the musical tradition of the family, being also a renowned composer and conductor. The mother of Konstantin,Velitschka Chobanova-Wladigerova, is an actress and a wonderful mother.

He took his first piano lesson at the age of 5, and started playing the clarinet when he was 9 years old.

Konstantin began his music education at the National Music High School “L. Pipkov”, Sofia. His majors were piano by Prof. Maria Warbanova and clarinet by Prof. Borislav Jozov.


– 1997 – Graduation from the National Music High School “L. Pipkov”, Sofia.

-1997-1998 – A course of studies at the National Academy of Music “P. Wladigeroff”, Sofia; principal study- clarinet by Prof. D. Dimitrov.

– 1998 – 1999 – Studied at The University of Music, Vienna at the preparation composition class by Prof. Lauermann.

-1999 – Began his course of studies at the Academy of Music, Vienna, majoring in Jazz Saxophone and Jazz Piano by Prof. Oliver Kent.


– 2002 –  First award at the Fidelio Competition with his Jazz-Trio “Wladigeroff”.

– 2003 –  First award at the Fidelio Competition with his brother Alexander Wladigeroff- Jazz-Duo.


– Oktober 2000 – Opening concert at “Viennale” at the City Hall’s festival room, Vienna.

– June 2003 – Guest concert at Krakauer Jazz Club “Klub Pod Jaszczurami” with Jazz-Trio “Wladigeroff” (Exchange Projekt with The Academy of Music, Vienna).

– May 2003 – Concert “Augarve Jazz Wochen” with Jazz-Trio “Wladigeroff” in Tavirra, Portugal.

– 7 September 2003 – Premiere “Was Ihr wollt” (W. Shakespeare), Director: Roland Koch, Burgtheater, Vienna.

– 18 September 2003 – Opening concert of the “7. Hallamasch Festival” (Festival of Cultures) at Palmenhaus with “Jazz-Quartett Wladigeroff” (worldwide jazz), Vienna.

– 13 January 2005 – “Step Across the Border Bulgaria”, Jam Session with Jazz –Duo “Wladigeroff”, “Porgy and Bess”, Vienna.

– 14 March 2005 – Dimitre Dinev & Wladigeroff Quintet reading and music “A Light above the Head” at “Porgy and Bess”, Vienna.

– 18 June 2005 – Concert at the “Lange Nacht der Musik”. The Wladigeroff family performed Wladigeroff at Theater Museum, Vienna.

-2005 – Premiere ” Was Ihr wollt” in Vienna Burgtheater ,Director .Roland Koch

– 11 November 2005 – Concert at “Birdland” – “Charity for lost children”, feat. Joe Zawinul.

– 8-11 December 2005 – “Advent Kalender” with his brother Konstantin at Jugenstiltheater, Director: Hubsi Kramer.

– 23 March 2006 – Concert with “Wladigeroff Quintet” at “Birdland” , Vienna.

-Saison 2007 / 2008 Volks Theater Wien “Eine heikle sache die Seele” Director. Hans – Ulrich Becker

-04.Mai 08 -Premiere “Über Tiere” (Elfride Jelinek) ,In “Casino” Burgtheater ,Director -Rujedi Heusermann

– 30.Juli ,08 – “Salzburger Fest spiele”

-20.Nov. 08 – “Nestroy Auward’s Gala” in Ronacher Theater Vienna

Juli-08  – “Salzburger Fest Spiele” Lesung / Konzert mit D.Dinev und “Wladigeroff Brothers & Band”

Jän./ Febr. 09 – ” Maxim Gorki ” Theater  – Berlin ,tätig als Komponist und Musiker für  “Salome”,

Reg. Vera Nemirova

CD’s 2007 / 2008 CD Release  ” Wanderer In Love” ( Extraplatte ) , ” First Opuses ” ,music composed by ; Alexander  P. Wladigeroff  ( 1933  – 1993 )

Worked with musicians like:

Flip Philipp, G.Breinschmit , Christoph Peichina, Andre Hoffmann , Peter Strutzenberger (Struzi), Karl Hodas, Dusan Novakov, Eddy Luis, Klemens Marktl, Bogidar Sotiroff, Teodossi Spassov, Stoyan Yankoulov, Eliza Todorova, Andrey Prozorov, Kiril Valeri , Vladimir Karparoff.