Ekaterina Wladigerova


Mag. Ekaterina Wladigeroff was born in Sofia, Bulgaria. She is a member of a famous Bulgarian musicians’ family. First of all, her grandfather, Prof.  Pancho Wladigeroff ( 1899 -1978 ) , is one of the most prominent Bulgaria composers well – known for his great works all over the world.

Her father, Alexander Wladigeroff ( 1933 – 1993 ), continues the musical tradition of the family being also an renowned composer and conductor of the National Syphonic Radio Orchestra.

Ekaterina took her first music lessons at the age of five.  She attendet the National Music High  School “L.Pipkov”, Sofia in the piano class of Prof. M.Varbanova. She graduated with excellence from The National Academy of Music ” P.Wladigeroff” ,  having taken her Master’s degree in Conducting.  She continued her education at The University of Music, Vienna. She attended the classes af Prof .U. Lajovic – Conducting ,  and Prof. T. Kruezberger  – Piano.

Recently Ekaterina is actively having solo concerts as well as chamber music performances . She mainly performs in Austria ,  Bulgaria ,  The Czech Republic,  Hungary,  The USA,  Great Britain, Japan etc.  She has made recordings at the Bulgarian National Television and Radio.  In 2006 was released her new  compact disk  ” Alexnder Wladigeroff  –  First Opuses”

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