Ottawa BAF 2012





April 23 Monday, 7:30 p.m.

Theatre “Hello, I love you!” (“Здравей, Обичам те!“)                  

The Duo Boyka Velkova and Stefan Spasov is one of the most popular and loved professional theater duos in Bulgaria.


“Love is the only unmistakable aphrodisiac. Nothing can hold back the passion that burst between two lovers. But love, just as luck, comes uninvited, brings confusion and upon one’s try to keep it, cleans away like mist. Therefore love is a privilege of a few chosen and intangible for those who never suffered its arrow”.

Experience the strong emotions passed over the stage and be swept with the art and striking acting of  Boyka Velkova and Stefan Spasov. The Theatrical Duo promises to fascinate the audience by presenting them with a different and memorable spring evening in the space of The Ottawa Citizen Conference Centre.

The Ottawa Citizen Conference Centre 1101 Baxter Rd., Ottawa, ON K2C 3M4 phone 613-596-3511.

Pay-What-You-Can suggested amount $20.



April 24 Tuesday, 8 p.m.

Theodosii Spassov Jazz Trio

The true virtuoso on the kaval latest cooperation  with the young Bulgarian musical talents Miroslav Turiyski – piano and  Alexander Lekov bass guitar. Theodosii created this amazing Ethno Jazz Trio to further his musical creative expression synthesizing folklore, classic music, world jazz and fusion. Exclusive sound, expressive rhythms and soulful melodies make this a sensational performance.

Café Paradiso, 199 Bank Str. Ottawa, ON phone 613-565-0657 Tickets: $20 at the door.



April 27 Friday, 7:30p.m.

Rossi Kirilova – Special Anniversary Concert

Come celebrate the 30th anniversary of Rossi’s artistic presence among the stars of the Bulgarian Pop-music and the release of her new album “Because I love You!” Enjoy a relaxing musical evening listening to Bulgarian and International pop songs.

La Grange de la Gatineau
80 Chemin Summer Cantley, QC J8V 3J3            Tickets: $20.
To reserve tickets phone 819.827.3164 or e-mail:


Festival Passes for 3 events with VIP seating are available at $55 special price.

To order your 3 event pass please call Ralitza Tcholakova at 613-797-1293 or e-mail: or

The festival organizers are thankful to Ottawa Region Bulgarian Foundation for promoting the events.

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