March 24, 2017 – Todmorden Mills Heritage site, Papermill Gallery, 67 Pottery Rd. View Map

6 pm Gallery Walk – Exhibition “Contemplation”: Contemporary Photography

6:30 pm – Official opening of the festival. Greetings and awards ceremony presented by Mr. Petar Kraytchev, Consul General of the Republic of Bulgaria in Toronto.

7:30pmMusical Concert of Anna Gnoth -voice, guitar and George Donchev – Bass and percussions

***Cocktail provided by Consulate General of the Republic of Bulgaria in Toronto

Admission: $20



Anka Gnoth and George Donchev

58186e0a55b03e773f4e6b97An exceptional duo creating magical athmosphere and taking the audience on a great journey. 

Anka (GER) is a singer, composer and poet playing several instruments and connecting classic songelements of Folk, Jazz and Chanson with special rythms. 

George Donchev (BG), kontrabassist, producer and freespirit accompanies Anka and taking the music to a higher dimension. 

They met and work in the creative jungle of 72d39fc96851808c83a571e41e93ac02Berlin, toured in France, Germany and Bulgaria and released their first Album in 2015.




Exhibition “Contemplation”: Contemporary Photography


Albena Robev (


My interest in photography is an extension of the way I see the world. It is the simple beauty found in life’s most ordinary moments which fascinates me. When I am available and open to see, incredible things just show themselves to me. It feels like opening a present – everything is new, fresh and exciting. I forget about the world for a few seconds and take the image.  I am not a formally trained photographer but have recently discovered Miksang.  It means ‘Good Eye’ in Tibetan and is a form of contemplative photography.  My goal is to be able to communicate to the viewer my original perception, without any alterations.

Tanya Nakova

unnamed (7)“Before any word, you spoke to me, in ample drawings.” – Tanya Nakova

My photographs stretch beyond the familiar visual; objects and scenes are layered and juxtaposed with their remnants, conflicting vestiges of once believed to be a solid and mindfully structured world. It is within these radiant [and radical] apertures, these visceral cross-dimensional transtemporal spaces where I search for answers; attempt to span the insurmountable, capture a fleeting moment, [re]collect a fading memory, delineate the reverie of form. Strung into an eclectic imaginary dream-like sequence, my photographs will lead you on a mystical journey, towards something thought-provoking, exhilarating, feral and true.


Marian Dragiev

Marian_DragievMarian Dragiev is an avid self-taught hobbyist photographer. His passion to capture moments and scenes dates back to film era when he used to develop negatives in his dark room. He is inspired and moved by a really broad range of subjects and loves the unique beauty that each of weather seasons has to offer.

Using new digital technology to its fullest potential, Marian is always ready with his camera to photograph landscapes, sports, wildlife and portraits. He enjoys the creativity and the challenge of the process of interpreting real life on photography media. When his pictures reach the hearts of viewers he considers this to be the biggest prize.

He has shown his work in galleries in Brampton and Mississauga and has been published in various online and printed media and won various photography contests.

Miriana Mitrovich (

MirianaMiriana Mitrovich is an ­­­­­­­­award winning Toronto-based ph­­­otographer.  As a classically trained dancer, Miriana is well versed in the power body language and in her photographs explores the ways in which meaning can be conveyed through distilled movement and form. Her style is unique as it encapsulates the tranquility and textures in a pristine form. Miriana captures the breathtaking essence of the surroundings while sculpting a beautifully composed moment in time.

 Images are available as limited series prints only.

 Radoslava Dragova

Rudy-UsmivkataI love to travel, I love merging with nature and watching its constantly changing conditions. I started by capturing moments of beauty with my phone. Then one day a friend gave me his old Nikon and that marked the beginning: landscapes, portraits, street-photography, macro. I often photo-document adventurous trips and take playful “paparazzi” shots of friends.

I am pleased to share here some special moments of contemplation at the Bulgarian lakes, witnessed with my photo-eye.

Anton Savov

unnamed (8)In the beginning there was light.

Then came the word. Almost half a century I have been exploring both. As a kid I was mesmerized how photons paint everything around visible and real. The words though, those sound vibrations, were creating mental images, and somehow complemented each other with the light. Around 1980 I come in contact with photography, obtaining acompact 35mm analog camera “Bairette.” It was real magic! Childhood passed, and with it the euphoria of the developing mind. Twenty years later, I was drawn to the magic box again – this time in its digital format. It keeps me plugged in, in constant exchange with the world. And it is another tool (brush) an artist needs to create. I seek, photograph, discover, share again. For photography is a time tool, an instrument of light, capable of telling stories in frames. Often direct, concise and clear. Other times existential, abstract and mystical. But always evocative. 

– Participant in numerous national and international competitions

– Recipient of various awards and honourable mentions

– Since 2006 – member of the Academy of Photography (APB), member of the board

– Since 2010 – International Federation of Photographic Art (FIAP) liaison officer

– Since 2014 – organizer of the International Photo Salon Plovdiv


In order to see, one should be willing to travel and be at all places.

And have the patience to contemplate.


Contemplation – it holds

the truth

and the road

and God


















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