Eli portretThe mission of the Festival is to:

  • Introduce Bulgarian arts and culture to wider audiences in Canada.
  • Promote and feature works and performances by domestic and internationally acclaimed Bulgarian musicians, composers, actors, movie directors and artists.
  • Encourage partnerships between Bulgarian community based and cultural organizations.
  • Create artistic collaborations between Bulgarian and Canadian artists and performers.

The Bulgarian festival is organized by a Festival Committee of devoted supporters and in collaboration with the Consulate General of the Republic of Bulgaria in Toronto and St. George” Bulgarian Orthodox Church in Toronto, ON. It is also co-organized and promoted by BALKANTO Ltd.

The Artistic Director and an initiator of the idea of the Bulgarian Arts Festival is Elitza Yordanov who is also a musician, choir conductor and a teacher.

Elitza’s experience as a festival coordinator goes back in Bulgaria where she worked for the internationally acclaimed music festival “Varna Summer” in her home town. She worked as an Assistant Coordinator for the Jazz sector of the festival. Among the Bulgarian community In Toronto she is well known as a prominent church choir conductor and music advocate. She is also the initiator and main coordinator of the Annual Children’s Music, Art and Dance Festival organized in collaboration with the “St. Dimitar” Bulgarian Eastern Orthodox Church in Brampton, Ontario.

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Contact information:

Elitza Yordanov – Artistic Director

Tel: 416-587-3739

Olga Arnaudova – Assistant Director (Ottawa)

Tel: 613-286-1274

Anna Denkova – Fundraising Consultant

Milcho Milchev – Design Consultant

Anthony Ivan Yordanov – Life Sound Technician

BalkanTO – Web design, Promotions and Advertisement